Parikh Packaging Pvt. Ltd. | 19th Oct | Power Garba | @05pm

Fit Gujjus

Apart from dancing and having fun, Garba has many health benefits too that will help you to keep yourself fit. Garba is an excellent way to lose fat, especially around the belly because of the complicated movements which involve stretching, twisting and turn of the upper body. Some movements also involve squatting, which helps shape your waist and tone your arms and legs. There are a lot of bending movements which includes lower back continuous swinging of arms and fast rhythmic footwork helps entire body workout. It’s a great cardio workout too. The most beneficial outcome of Garba is that it works as a great stress buster. The music and rhythmic movements relax your mind and release happy hormones like serotonin which melts away the stress and relaxes the mind, body and soul.

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