About Us

Nation Wellness is an emerging start-up in the fitness industry. Today fitness is not restricted only to Gym or Fitness Studio, there are various options available like Yoga, Aerobics, Zumba, Pilates, Etc. And since we all are busy in our schedules, we do not get time for fitness activities, and here is where Nation Wellness comes into the picture. We offer group workouts at your doorstep which is known as “The Corporate Wellness Program.”

This program offers a wide range of Fitness & Wellness solutions for Corporate Clients and is specifically designed for companies that value their employees & strive to establish a healthy work-life culture at their workplace. This program is intended to be a fun way to promote employee engagement while contributing to employees’ health and wellness.

Our Mission And Vision

Enhancement of physical fitness for ADL (Active Daily Living ), recreational or competitive athlete endeavors.
Primary secondary disease prevention.
Enjoyment, hobby, stress management & psychological well-being.
“In today’s world, we all are very much connected to each other.” Really ???

Sure, we have prepared social bridges to stay connected with our loved ones. but in-depth we all seek “Warmth” which is never procured with social networks. in reflection Ration of Loneliness, Anxiety of Social Identity & Stress increasing.

What We Offer

Customized Workout Sessions: A variety of ‘Group Workout Sessions’ like yoga, power yoga, stretching, Zumba dance, and other fun-loving exercise at the client premises customized as per their specified time & quantity. A daily workout habit with the right diet structure can be a potential way to improve employee productivity, decrease absenteeism & and control health care costs for employees and the organization as a whole. Each employer will receive a complete summary of the assessment results & suggested advice for creating a healthier work-life environment.

We provide different kinds of activities with fun so employees cant get bothered and will manage a healthy environment.


Resources and Support

  • Daily workout schedule & respective trainer updates.
  • Onsite group workout sessions under complete supervision of experienced trainers.
  • Personalized advice to adopt a healthy work life balance.
  • Necessary consultation on choosing the right workouts, best postures, pain points etc.