15th August | Happy Independence Day

Indian Independence Day Facts
India has been independent for 72 years.
India is named after the river Indus.
India has had 13 full-time Presidents
India has had only one female president.
India’s space program is among the top five space programs in the world
India has had 14 prime ministers.
India has only had one female prime minister.
India’s national animal is the tiger.
India is the 7th largest country in the world

India is the largest democracy in the world.

India’s national flower is the Indian Lotus.

India is the second most populated country, after China.

Indian Independence Day Significance and Celebration
Every year we celebrate Independence day by taking time out to reflect on what it took for our country to gain independence and how far it’s come since. The national anthem is sung and flag-raising ceremonies, drills, are conducted throughout the country. People make an effort to wear the national or their local dress to celebrate their nation and culture. Kite flying is also an Independence Day tradition, with people of all ages flying kites to represent the freedom we attained on this day.

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